Tessa Rose Jackson has made quite a name for herself in her native Netherlands as a singer,songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer – and she’s only 20 years old. Influenced by the music she grew up listening to (Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and others), and her time at the BRIT School in London (famous alum include Adele and Kate Nash), Jackson has publicly described her sound as “more accessible Feist and a poppier Fleet Foxes.”  

“Lost and Found” is the first single off her new album, (Songs From) The Sandbox and when you hear it, you’ll definitely hear a bit of Feist – the song is playful and ethereal. It feels like it’ll float away and yet, it has a slightly sinister undertone. 

Jackson has a great voice and much like Feist’s “1,2,3,” there’s something so utterly infectious about the song that you can’t quite get it out of your head.