Tag: The Joy of Violent Movement: New Audio: Brooklyn’s Body Language Returns with a New Jack Swing and House Music-Channeling New Single


Comprised of founding members Matthew Young and Grant Wheeler, along with Ian Chang and vocalist Angelica Bess, the Brooklyn, NY-based indie dance pop sensation Body Language can trace its origins to when its founding duo Young and Wheeler had began making their own mixes and remixes at a weekly party they curated/DJ’d when they were both in Hartford, CT. Shortly, after their weekly party had begun, they met and then recruited Angelica Bees and the trio began writing their own original material together — with the end result being their debut effort Speaks. As the trio began work on Speaks‘ follow up, Social Studies EP when they began collaborating with Theophilus London. Interestingly enough, their collaboration with London was how the trio met its newest and fourth member Ian Chang. Now, whether as a trio or a relatively new quartet, the act which eventually relocated to Brooklyn have received attention across the blogosphere for crafting sleek, dance floor-friendly synth pop.

And with the release of “Addicted,” the first single off the Brooklyn synth pop act’s forthcoming effort Mythos, the act reveals that the quartet has gone through a subtle change in sonic direction, as the single draws from New Jack Swing and classic house as shimmering and cascading layers of synthshandclap-lead percussion and stuttering beats paired with Angelica Bess’ sultry, come-hither vocals. Is it love? Is it lust? Maybe it’s both? And we’ve all been there — and as confusing as it could be, the possibilities both contain are endless and fun, and the song manages to capture that all with aplomb.