Tag: The Joy of Violent Movement: New Video: Los Angeles' Egg Drop Soup releases a Sofia Coppola-Inspired Visual for New Ripper "Swamp Ass"

New Video: Los Angeles’ Egg Drop Soup releases a Sofia Coppola-Inspired Visual for New Ripper “Swamp Ass”

Egg Drop Soup — founding members Sam Westervelt (vocals, bass) and Olivia Saperstein (guitar) and their newest member Bailey Chapman (drums) — is a Los Angeles-based punk rock act that can trace its origins back to when its founding members played in a previous band. Westervelt and Saperstein started Egg Drop Soup back in 2017 with the band being centered around their deep and abiding simpatico. “Olivia and I just have this telepathy in our songwriting,” Westervelt says.

Since their formation, the act has worked with Travis Parvur at Golden Beat Recording Studio on material, including their debut EP 2019’s P.M.S. Continuing upon that momentum, last year saw the band expand into a trio with the addition of Chapman — and they closed out the year with the Christmastime release of their sophomore EP Eat Snacks and Bleed.

Eat Snacks and Bleed’s first single “Swamp Ass” finds the Southern Californian trio firmly establishing their sound: crunchy, grunge rock-era, power chord riffs, thunderous drumming and snarled vocals centered around a “don’t-give a fuck” delivery. And although with this EP, the trio add their name to a lengthy list of incredibly talented and critically applauded all-womxn acts including LA Witch, The Paranoyds, and Surfbort — but while having a sound that may remind some folks of The Coathangers and Aussie sibling act Stonefield.