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News/Announcements: Please Support JOVM on Patreon

During JOVM’s nine-plus year, this site has been a labor of love. And unlike the much larger competitors out there, it’s one of the rare places where you can come across such deeply personal and eclectic curation and coverage of music from all over the world.

Now, as many of y’all know, I’ve managed the site as a (mostly) one-man operation out of my Corona, Queens, NYC apartment while maintaining a handful of corporate jobs in book publishing. Most of the time, I felt like I had a dual life: during the day, I was mild-mannered spectacled Clark Kent and when the time came, I’d run into a phone booth to become Superman, of sorts. I firmly believe that my mission — and more importantly, this site’s mission is important. Discovering new music takes up time and energy. And like everything else, it costs money.

I recently joined Patreon and I’m humbly asking for your assistance, your donations and your love. Check out the page for more information: