Tag: The Joy of Violent Movement: Video Review: Addicted

New Video: The Coquettish, Night Club Inspired Visuals for Body Language’s “Addicted”

With the release of “Addicted,” the first single off the Brooklyn synth pop act’s forthcoming effort Mythos, the act reveals that the quartet has gone through a subtle change in sonic direction, as the single draws from New Jack Swing and classic house as shimmering and cascading layers of synths, handclap-lead percussion and stuttering beats paired with Angelica Bess’ sultry, come-hither vocals. Is it love? Is it lust? Maybe it’s both? And we’ve all been there — and as confusing as it could be, the possibilities both contain are endless and fun, and the song manages to capture that all with aplomb.

The recently released video accurately captures the spirit and feel of dance videos shot in the 90s — full of neon bright colors, extreme close-ups, tons of confetti, and it emphasizes the sultry coquettishness of the song.