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New Video: Rising Aussie Artist MANE Shares Lush and Anthemic “Breathing Again”

Paige Court is a rising Adelaide-based singer/songwriter and pop artist, best known as MANE. She exploded onto the Aussie scene with 2019’s breakout hit “Chasing Butterflies,” which amassed over 2 million streams and landed at #7 on the Spotify viral charts.

Her debut EP. 2020’s Coping Mechanisms and follow-up single “Hi Lo” were released through Dew Process/Universal Music Australia and were written during some of the most formative experiences of her life to date.

In a relatively short period of time, MANE has played the national touring circuit, playing some of her homeland’s biggest festivals including Spin Off, Groovin The Moo, Bigsound, and Big Pineapple. She has shared stages with the likes of Matt Corby, Ball Park Music, Yung Blud and The Kooks. Building upon a growing profile, the rising Aussie artist went on a 34 date Stateside tour between last August and last November, across 14 states.

The rising Aussie artist’s latest single, the Mario Späte and Benjamin Tamblyn-Morrow (a in shadowing collaborator role)-produced “Breathing Again” continues a remarkable run of cinematic, heart-worn-on-sleeve pop anthems centered around her smoky, booming pop belter delivery paired with twinkling keys, a mix of thumping beats and live drumming and a rousingly anthemic hook. The song, which was written with Charlie McClean, the co-founder of She Writes feels informed by lived-in experience: it evokes a sometimes fleeting sense of hope and peace during the most difficult times of your life. This song should serve as a reminder that things can — and do — get better; that nothing is forever.

“I distinctly remember writing this song with Charlie at Kobalt Studios in LA and feeling overwhelmed by a waterfall of happy/sad emotions… Charlie really gently helped coax them out of me in a way where I didn’t need to be specific or elaborate into any detail which was really nice,” Court recalls. “The song to me is about a moment of clarity or relief in the midst of healing from something – the sometimes fleeting feeling that it is in fact going to be ok, for me those moments provide a lot of hope… it’s refreshing, relieving and sometimes exciting to feel, especially if it’s felt heavy and dark for so long. I think finding a space where you can genuinely smile, breathe and just exist after a grief is a testament to your own resilience, because even though you may still be going through it your finding room around it to seek hope & happiness and I think that’s brave as hell!”

Edited by Court, the accompanying video emphasizes the healing process at the core of the song as it follows a couple of women, suffering through despair and heartache, and while expressing their feelings experience a moment of clarity and peace that saves them.

Co-founded in 2019 by three New York music industry veterans and longtime friends, former Lorimer Beacon head Mike Bell, Kanine Records‘ founder and label head Lio Kanine and Kepler Events founder and Dedstrange Records co-founder Steven Matrick, The New Colossus Festival has featured an eclectic collection of several hundred handpicked, emerging and buzz-worthy indie bands and artists from the US, Canada, the UK, the European Union, Australia, and elsewhere.

New Colossus by design has taken place about a week or so before SXSW with the idea that the festival would serve as a pre-SXSW stopover that would give the acts in each year’s lineup an opportunity to get exposure in the influential New York market, while filling a void in the city’s festival calendar.

The festival’s fourth edition will take place March 8, 2023 – March 12, 2023. And much like the preceding editions, showcases will take place in some of the Lower East Side’s most renowned independent venues, including Mercury LoungeBerlin Under A, Arlene’s GroceryBowery BallroomThe Bowery ElectricHeaven Can WaitPiano’s, and a few others.

A couple of weeks ago, the festival made a couple of announcements: The last batch of acts added to the lineup, including JOVM favorite Absolutely Free (CA), ARADIA (US), Big Mountain County (IT), English Teacher (UK), LUMBEROB (US), Pleasure Pill, (US), Pure Adult (US), Sorry Mom (US), and Telescreens (US). Along with those bands, they shared the complete lineup for the festival which you’ll see with the flyer below:

They also announced the festival’s schedule, which you can check out here: https://www.newcolossusfestival.com/schedule?utm_campaign=c2e5b084-de3f-4e9d-a3fb-d62daf1a06b0&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=ac466ae2-d0c6-4e01-845f-c3b1ed63bbda

New Colossus Festival also shared a playlist featuring a curated collection of songs from this year’s lineup. For attendees — and possible attendees — the playlist will be helpful in planning your festival experience in a sensible fashion.

You can check out the full schedule here.

The full festival lineup listing is here, which coincidentally features each act’s schedule can be found here.

Lastly, organizers announced that they’ve partnered with global music distributor Ditto Music. Ditto Music will bring Ditto X: NYC23 music conference to the festival this year. Taking place on March 9, 2023 at Piano’s from 12:00pm-7:00pm, Ditto Music will provide a full day of panels, discussions and networking opportunities with industry professionals and artists. The event will offer insights and advice for independent artists and labels, covering key topics including:

– Unlocking new music revenue

– Landing bigger and better shows

– Growing your fanbase

– Building a sustainable career in music

Festival badges are still available through Dice y’all. You can purchase here: https://dice.fm/event/ee7n6-new-colossus-festival-2023-all-access-badge-8th-mar-various-venues-nyc-new-york-tickets

Co-founded back in 2018 by three New York music industry vets and longtime friends, former Lorimer Beacon founder and head Mike Bell, Kanine Records‘ founder and label head Lio Kanine and Kepler Events and Dedstrange Records co-founder Steven Matrick, The New Colossus Festival over the course of the past couple of years has featured several hundred handpicked, emerging indie bands and artists from Canada, the UK, the European Union, Singapore, Hong Kong and of course, the US. 

By design the festival has taken place about a week or so before SXSW with the idea that New Colossus would be a pre-SXSW stopover that will give the acts in each year’s lineup an opportunity to organically gain exposure while filling a critical void in the city’s festival calendar. 

New Colossus Festival’s third edition will take place March 8, 2023-March 12, 2023 and will take place in some of the Lower East Side’s best and renowned independent venues including Mercury LoungeBerlin Under A, Arlene’s GroceryBowery BallroomThe Bowery ElectricHeaven Can WaitPianos, and more.  New Colossus Festival closes out the calendar year with the announcement of its second wave of artists that will be playing at showcases across the Lower East Side. And much like the first wave of artists, it’s a highly curated collection of artists who hail from the US, Canada, the UK and elsewhere.

Some of the new additions including Bilk (UK), Demob Happy (UK), Grand Sun (Portugal), Low Island (UK), Yndling (Norway), Kamikaze Nurse (Canada) and A Place to Bury Strangers, who are returning to headline their Dedstrange label party after not being able to perform at the 2020 edition. Additionally, Beverly (US), Eternal Summers (US) and The Depreciation Guild (US) will be playing reunion shows for Kanine Records’ 20th Anniversary Party.

Of course, more details are coming.


A Place to Bury Strangers (US)

Beverly (US)


Bloomsday (US)

Borito (IL)

Closebye (CA)

Demob Happy (UK)

Emmrose (US)

Eternal Summers (US)

First Crush (US)


Gold Lake (ES)

Gossamer Blue (CA)

Grand Sun (PT)


jackie (CA)

Kacey Fifield (US)

Kamikaze Nurse (CA)

Kryxis (US)

layzi (US)

Low Island (UK)


Miesha and The Spanks (CA)

Noah And The Loners (UK)

Nutrients (CA)

Paper Lady (US)

Percocet (US)

S.C.A.B. (US)

The Chairs (TW)

The Depreciation Guild (US)

The Down & Outs (US)

The Silver Lines (UK)

The Vices (NL)

to the wedding (US)

Totalement Sublime (CA)

VLURE (Scotland)

Yndling (NO)

Yo Diablo (ES)

Full list of showcasing artists and bands can be found here: https://www.newcolossusfestival.com/artists2023?utm_campaign=7965f0f8-b1ca-4719-96c9-c158666e5210&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail_lp&cid=ac466ae2-d0c6-4e01-845f-c3b1ed63bbda. Actual schedules and set times are forthcoming, so be on the lookout,

You can purchase a badge here: https://dice.fm/event/ee7n6-new-colossus-festival-2023-8th-mar-various-venues-nyc-new-york-tickets