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New Audio: Los Angeles’ Object of Affection Share Anthemic “Half Life”

Los Angeles-based post punk outfit Object of Affection features members of Death Bells, LOCK, and Fury. The project sees its members tapping into the primitivism of their diverse projects while elevating their capacity for both atmosphere and melody. While hints of gloomy punk, brooding New Wave and down-and-out Regan-era alt rock reverberate in their sound and approach, it’s not in pastiche; but rather in a sort of sonic kinship to the austerity and fatalism embedded in the previous generation’s dejected anthems. Plus. holy shit, things are really fucked.

Since the release of the project’s 2020 self-titled, debut EP, they’ve been busy: They’ve released “Through and Through” through Suicide Squeeze — and they’ve already shared the stages with the likes of Ceremony, Fiddlehead, Special Interest, Gulch, and a growing list of others. Building upon a growing profile, the members of Object of Affection signed to Profound Lore, who will be releasing their highly-anticipated full-length debut, the ten-song, Alex Newport-produced Field of Appearances on March 3, 2023.

The album reportedly sees the band expanding upon their sonic palette with the addition of drum machines, synths, acoustic guitar and auxiliary percussion, highlighting their evolution — and a growing sense of experimentalism. Each of the album’s ten songs are part of a cohesive and complete statement, while standing part on their own, with the material exploding in character, contract and excitement. Thematically, the album’s material touches upon reflection, insufficiency and Déjà vu among others.

Field of Appearances lead single and album opener “Half Life” is anthemic track that’s one-part angular post-punk, one-part mosh-put friendly grunge centered around rousingly enormous hooks, angular power chords and a forcefully propulsive rhythm section. While bearing a resemblance to Ceremony’s In The Spirit World Now, the song is underpinned by an uneasy and palpable sense of existential dread around the corner: The song thematically touches upon the inevitable passage of time and the aching effects of hopelessness — both are which are often a weird part of life.

Directed by Miwah Lee, the accompanying video for “Half Life” follows a young woman as she goes on an a surrealistic journey through Los Angeles — without an actual plan or real destination in mind.