Tag: Video Review: Hurry Up

New Video: Young French Artist farah Shares Remarkably Self-Assured Bop

farah is a 15 year-old — yes, 15~! — French singer/songwriter. She wrote her debut single “Hurry Up” when she was 14, and the song reveals a remarkably self-assured songwriter beyond her relative youth. Centered around glistening synths, skittering beats and the young French artist’s sultry delivery, “Hurry Up” captures and evokes feelings teenagers often feel, when they feel they must quickly fit in and fulfill expectations that often means giving up on their dreams.

As the young French artist explains, the song reminds the listener to take their time, even if the world is rushing you. But also suggests that time is short and that if you don’t want to “do the adult thing.” you better hurry towards the goals and dreams that you hold dear before you get caught up into a world of uncomfortable compromise. If there’s one thing I’m certain of it’s this: This young artist has a bright future ahead of them.

The accompanying visual is an animated Dali-esque world in which a young woman walks down a path with running clocks surrounding her. The hands on the literal watch faces spin wildly, representing time’s rapid passing. She’s walking towards an angry looking sun. But throughout, she seems determined to make her own path.