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New Video: Angelina Beroe Shares Dreamy and Sultry “In Love”

Angelina Beroe is an emerging singer/songwriter and producer, who specializes in a sassy take on art rock and baroque pop that draws from Kate Bush, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Serge Gainsbourg and Brian Wilson. However, her latest single, the swooning “In Love” brings JOVM mainstays Still Corners to mind as the song features a gorgeous yet subtly brooding arrangement of shimmering, reverb-drenched guitars, a supple bass line, glistening keys paired with an infectious hook and Beroe’s sultry cooing.

“In Love,” as Beroe explains is focused on the many facets and stages of infatuation, and the element of obsession that comes with it. The end result is as one that suggests that love is in its own way an obsession that could become dangerous.

Directed by Beroe, the accompanying video for “In Love” is fittingly a sultry fever dream fueled by obsession, lust and classic movies.