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New Video: Rising London Instrumental Act Los Bitchos Solve Crimes, Dance and Kick Ass in New Visual for Expansive “Las Panteras”

Rising, London-based instrumental act Los Bichos — Australia-born, London-based Serra Petale (guitar); Uruguay-born, London-based Agustina Ruiz (keytar); Sweden-born, London-based Josefine Jonsson (bass) and London-born and-based Nic Crawshaw (drums) — features individual members with different upbringings, who have developed a unique, retro-futuristic sound that blends elements of Peruvian chicha, Argentine cumbia, Turkish psych and surf rock, as well the music each individual member grew up with: The Uruguayan-born Ruiz had a Latin-American music collection that the members of the band fell in love with. The Swedish-born Jonsson “brings a touch of out of control pop,” her bandmates often joke. And the London-born Crawshaw played in a number of local punk bands before joining Los Bitchos. “Coming from all these different places,” Serra Petale says, “it means we’re not stuck in one genre and we can rip up the rulebook a bit when it comes to our influences.”

The band can trace its own origins through its members meeting at all-night house parties or through various friends. And interestingly enough, the London-based outfit’s highly anticipated Alex Kapranos-produced full-length debut, Let The Festivities Begin! is slated for a February 4, 2022 release through City Slang Records.

Recorded at Gallery Studios, Let The Festivities Begin! further establishes Los Bitchos reputation for crafting maximalist and Technicolor, instrumental party jams with a cinematic quality. The celebratory title is something you might say while toasting dear friends, families and even strangers at the end of this horrible period to usher in a period of carefree debauchery. “It’s about being together and having a really good time,” Los Bitchos say in press notes.

The album’s first single “Las Panteras” is an expansive disco funk strut featuring wiry post punk meets Nile Rodgers funk meets surf rock-like guitars, a sinuous bass line and shimmering synths paired with bongos, cowbells and cabasa that hits at Turkish pop and 80s rock. It’s funky and mind-bending jam that will get the party started y’all.

Directed by Tom Mitchell, the recently released video for “Las Panteras” features the members of the band as a part of the cast of a crime-fighting and crime-solving unit, like Charlie’s Angels. Fittingly, while the quartet is busy trying to find their new arch enemy, Las Panteras, there is some some sassy choreographed dance breaks that add even more levity to the affair.

“We wanted to show the mystery of the song combined with sassy dance moves. Inspirations for the video are Kill Bill, Scooby Doo & Spice Girls’s ‘Wannabe’ video,” Los Bitchos’ Agustina Ruiz explains in press notes. “The huge battle climax at the end is a Bram Stoker Dracula inspired fight which will leave you hanging for what’s in store next, between Las Panteras and the girls. A tacky ‘70s show in which the band must solve the mystery of Las Panteras, taking a break now and then to bust out some sassy choreographed dance sequences to keep their spirits up! To be continued… “