The Austin, TX-based Noelle Hampton had previously released four solo albums, backed by her collaborator, guitarist and husband, Andre Moran. And each of those early solo efforts were known for uplifting melodies, insightful lyrics, Hampton’s beautiful voice and Moran’s guitar playing. Before the duo started writing material for what would have been Hampton’s fifth album, Hampton decided that the album would be a return to form of sorts – a return to her indie singer/songwriter rock roots. It took about a year for her to write material and after recording 8 of the new songs, Hampton and Moran recognized that the material was not working, and most importantly that the material didn’t seem to fit with Hampton’s vision. 

So Hampton and Moran scrapped the project and went back to the drawing board. While writing new material, it occurred to the duo that it would be a great opportunity to start up a new band, and that band is the Belle Sounds. After finding the right producer – and that can be difficult – the band recorded their self-titeld debut album, in two weeks. “Should Have Been Mine” is the first single from that effort and it manages an easy-going comfort with a plaintive earnestness. Sonically, the track shimmers – thanks in part to Moran’s guitar playing. But all in all, it’s a gorgeous track and Hampton’s voice will draw comparisons to the likes of Neko Case, Alison Krauss, and others.