The Brooklyn-based quartet of Little Racer, which consists of Eliot Michaud (vocals, guitar), Ish Nazmi (bass), Wade Michael (guitar) and Dave Tedecshi (drums) formed in 2010, and shortly after their formation the band’s eponymous single “Little Racer” received quite a bit of attention across the pond from the BBC, as it was released through the London label Young and Lost Club in late 2011. Naturally, after playing in and around London to support the release of the single, the band returned Stateside to record their follow up EP. Whereas the band’s previous single ‘Vanessa" bore a resemblance to both Interpol and the Killers, their latest (and latest) single, “Dancing” bears an uncanny resemblance to early New Order – think of some of the tracks off Substance 1987-era New Order in particular, even down to the bass line.