The founding members of Brooklyn-based band Summer Hours, guitarist Mike Bliss and bassist/vocalist Rachel Dannefer met at Oberlin College. Oberlin’s notable musician alumni include Liz Phair, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Trans Am, Josh Ritter, and the French Kicks. Initially calling themselves La Pieta, the band released their first album, Summer on Contraphonic Records back in 2000, followed by Inside Out in 2003. Drummer Griffin Richardson joined the band in 2006 while on hiatus from Tungsten74

By 2007, the band had changed their name for Summer Hours and signed with Deep Elm Records. Their new label re-released their previous two efforts with a new album, Alone Together. “Close and Closer” is one of the singles from the new effort, and it’s incredible how much it reminds me of the Sundays, complete with a devastatingly deceptive simplicity beneath it all.