The KVB originally started as the solo project of Nicholas Wood back in 2010. And the first recorded effort, The Black Sun was on a limited edition cassette tape released by FLA Records. In 2011, Wood had several releases which began to get attention, including a 10” vinyl EP titled Into the Night and another limited release cassette titled Subjection/Subordination.

After several collaborations, Kat Day became a full time member of the band on synths and visual effects. Their debut full-length album, Always Then gained the attention of British media outlets and as a result they headlined tours across Europe and a US tour, which included a set at the Part Time Punks Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

The band’s latest release, Immaterial Visions was released earlier this year, and “Again & Again,” much like their previous single “ Run Away” bears bears a resemblance to the icy chill of Joy Division – in fact, the song reminds me a lot of “Isolation,” as it has a dark, seductive feel underneath it.