The Oats and Alyson Greenfield at Muchmore’s 9/29/12

Back at the end of September, my colleague and friend Amy Grimm at Whatever Blog, hosted a show at the Williamsburg cafe Muchmore’s. I only caught half of that show – I managed to catch the Mexico City-based band the Oats and locally-based artist Alyson Greenfield before attempting to head off to a friend’s birthday party, which I wound up missing because my friend’s party ended incredibly early. But it was a fun show. The Oats played a loud, rowdy, boisterous and high energy set and they probably sounded as good and as grungy as I had ever heard them.

Allyson Greenfield’s set was a bit more unfocused and full of non-seqiturs but despite the overall sloppiness, she was charmingly eccentric and funny. Still I think her live sound at least on this night would have been better served with a tighter focus. There were a couple of highlights of her set – a song which was about the time she met a sleazy record business type who showed interest in her music, and then came off funny when she didn’t come up with him. She had another song which came from a dream she had – in the dream, she met Snoop Dogg and he wound up repeating the song’s hook to her ad infinitum. But perhaps the funniest highlight of them all was when the Oats’ Alfonso Rodriguez joined her on a song to beatbox and freestyle in Spanish. It was a hilarious and memorable moment, for sure. 

The Oats

Allyson Greenfield

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