The Prettiots came about when vocalist Kay Kasparhauser enlisted her friend, summer Rachel Trachtenberg, of Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players fame and Supercute!, and bassist Lulu Prat, of Tangiers to flesh out the material Kasperhauser had been writing for some time.

Because the trio has been praised by the likes of New York Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan and others, and because of their connection to both the city’s art and music scenes, there’s a sense among some that they could be the next big thing. Of course, in my time as a blogger and journalist, I have to admit that I’ve seen “the next big thing” pieces countless times, and I think that it’s best to say that it’s something that will be determined in due time. 

Their forthcoming EP reportedly has a number of songs that have been described as tales of heartbreak but throughout the the effort are a a Dolly Parton cover – and one in particular by the Misfits, “Skulls.” Their rendition of “Skulls” turns the goth punk anthem into a sparsely arranged bit of chamber pop. In fact, because the lyrics are sweetly sung, it gives the song a strange, detached sense of horror that’s somehow even more fucked up than the original. Yeah, seriously.