The Vim Dicta at Piano’s 6/24/13

As you can imagine, I’m still catching up on tons of posts and photos from a very busy summer worth of concerts and festivals across the best city for live music in the entire country, if not the entire world. So back in late June, I caught the young – and by young, the members are barely into their 20s – Los Angeles, CA-based trio of the Vim Dicta at Piano’s

I had posted some video some time ago but i also took photos, which I had wanted to post for some time. As I mentioned in the previous Vim Dicta post, they have a sound that owes a debt to SoundgardenLed Zeppelin and the like — full of bluesy power chords, complex chord changes with time signature changes and more. Although they had a small crowd out for a Monday evening, they made quite an impression with a swaggering, towering sound and a cool self-assuredness of old time pros. 

For these photos and a few more from this great set of live music, check out the Flickr set here: