TheeeSatisfacation is a Seattle, WA-based duo of Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris White, and from listening to their glitchy, hip hop and soul sound their sound bears an uncanny resemblance to the cool soul of an act like Zhane, if Janelle Monae had collaborated with them. And it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re close with labelmates Shabazz Palaces. In fact, much like their labelmates, they had been known for releasing a series of handmade mixtapes and CDs before Sub Pop Records signed them. 

Check out “Queens” one of the singles off their debut, full-length effort, awE naturalE. I haven’t been able to get the song out of my head since it came into my inbox – the track has an infectiously catchy hook. 

You can catch them live at SOB’s on January 31st.