There are a handful of bands who have managed to survive more than a decade and more than two decades together is especially rare. With the changing financial structure of the music industry, that may well become an even rarer feat. In their 20 plus years together, Quasi has managed to develop a reputation for sound that frequently walks a careful tightrope between harmony and chaos through the use of guitars, drums and piano – naturally, to do so in any way that manages to be musical requires exceptional musicianship. They’ve also managed to do this while being sidepersons for the likes of Sleater Kinney, Wild Flag, the late Eliott Smith, Built to Spill, and countless others. 

With the forthcoming release of the band’s night full-length effort, Mole City, which Kill Rock Stars Records will release on October 1st, the band decided to record an album of (mostly) covers – but with their own unique interpretation to it. The latest single off the forthcoming album is a cover of Black Sabbath’s most famous, oft-covered song, “War Pigs.”  And with the possible drumbeat of war yet again, the song seems entirely (and sadly) still relevant. 

On the surface the track seems like a fairly straightforward cover, and it is – they didn’t do a cabaret version, thank god. But the instrumentation sounds completely different while still kicking ass and taking names. Instead of wailing guitars, you have grinding, buzzing synthesizers which creates the sense of the relentless war machine of the song grinding human bodies to dust. 

The band will be on a rather lengthy tour to support the new effort and will include stops in Omaha, NE; Kansas CIty, MO; Atlanta, GA; Chapel HIll, NC; Washington, DC; New Haven, CT; two NYC dates – the Knitting Factory on October 13th and the Bowery Ballroom on October 14th; as well as several other stops across our fair land.