On a rather hot summer night, I first decided to stop at the new Starbucks on Broadway and Queens Blvd to work on the Coney Island Mermaid Parade post, as well as to conserve a little bit of power – after all, Starbucks’ air conditioning was going to be on anyway.  And after that, I decided to kill some more time by heading into the city with the hopes of catching something interesting to shoot. 

I love New York, too. When I came across this woman, I had to take a photo of her – especially because she has a great smile. After taking her photo, I didn’t quite know what to do. It was still ridiculously hot. in fact I  saw a temperature reading about a half hour later or so that had the temperature at 85 degrees. But after sitting around, people watching and texting friends, I went to my office got some water and a few minutes of some free air conditioning and went back out into the streets with the hopes of maybe catching something interesting as I walked down to the subway. And did I ever catch something odd! 

I couldn’t quite tell what this guy was doing but it was – well, interesting to say the least. But as you can tell, he’s pretending to be a bunny. 

So there was a guy wandering around Times Square with several birds, and he had stopped to give the birds some water and food. He was giving his parrot some Gatorade, while this one was just chilling for a bit.

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