As I’ve mentioned a couple of times here, I spent close to a year and a half focusing on the daily Black and White photography project, and admittedly it’s been a relief not to shoot every single day – especially when you don’t always see something interesting or inspiring. Still, there’s a natural urge to shoot and it’s sometimes more fun to shoot randomly without expectations of much happening. This of course leads to this untitled photo project …

A dear friend of mine just graduated from my alma mater – ah, NYU – and within a few weeks, she’ll be off to an Indian reservation out in South Dakota as part of Teach for America. As you can imagine she’s (as expected) excited and scared for the experience, but she had a going away party at her place in Bushwick. Based on where her apartment was – strange for me to say that now – it was actually easier for me to take the Q38 bus to 71st and Metropolitan Avenue for the M train into Brooklyn.  So yes, I was there even if it was briefly. 

We were drinking up a storm at my friend’s place before we decided to hit up Tandem, a nearby hipster bar, and as we were walking down Wilson Avenue, we came across this very cool old car. Oddly enough, as my friend discovered, it was unlocked – in Brooklyn no less. 

Thursday night, i bolted from my office up to the Stadium to catch the last game in the Seattle Mariners vs. Yanks series. Here the Stadium rises above the elevated 4 train line. 

For these photos and the rest of the photos from the project, check out the Flickr set here: