Untitled 4/19/13 – 4/20/13

I have to admit that it’s a pleasure to shoot without having a particular plan, motive or deadline. if there wasn’t anything of interest to shoot, there isn’t any pressure to come up with something, anything to fit a deadline. But I do come across something interesting from time to time, especially while rushing around town to shows…

I was heading to Littlefield to catch Rabbi Darkside’s album release show when I came across this mural on a building on Sackett Street and the corner of 4th Avenue. The mural seems to depict urban life and in the turn the role of minority women in a beautiful and positive light. 

I came across this poster on the corner of North 8th Street and Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, as i was walking to Brooklyn Bowl for Diamond Doves, the Mike Dillon Band and Marco Benevento. Certainly, all artists should ascribe to what this poster suggests – live, work, create. That’s it. 

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