This past weekend has been pretty busy for me as i actually managed to somewhat successfully combine an active social life with a very busy professional life – of course, it means even less sleep but sleep is for the dead, right? I’ll at least have a million and a half stories to tell, and for that I’ll be grateful … 

I was watching the Stanley Cup Final between the Los Angeles Kings and my beloved New York Rangers with a friend, who left during the intermission between regulation and the first overtime, when I checked my email and saw a last minute confirmation for a press badge for this year’s New Music Seminar NY Festival. And since I had to pick up my badge at the New Yorker Hotel on 8th Avenue, it was my first time seeing the Garden since passing by after Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. (I was slapping fives with Ranger fans as i walked up from East 19th to Penn Station and smoking a cigar. And yes, it was pretty awesome.) And so to honor the first Stanley Cup Final game in 20 years, i had to take a photo of this . .

As always – Let’s Go Rangers! 

For this picture and the other photos of this series, check out the Flickr set here: