Untitled 5/30/13 – 6/2/13

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity which is actually not particularly unusual for my life, especially if you consider the fact that I have a full-time job as an editor at a publishing house, and that this site is practically a full-time, labor of love… .

The end of last week was the big Book Expo America trade show at the Javits Center and admittedly there was a general sense of quiet despair among industry insiders – everyone I talked to wanted to be doing anything else with their time besides be in Javits Center while their companies spent a lot of money to be there with little gain for anyone. But there are still some interesting moments to be sure. 

Here are some Lego statues of Pokemon characters. This was a rather popular stop for people taking photos for their children, and in one case that i knew of their grandchildren – I actually helped a woman take a photo next to them. 

The folks at Penguin Young Readers posted these Mad Libs stickers all over the men’s room, including on top of the urinal. (Yes, i tried to take a photo of that but as you can imagine that’s – well, one difficult and two, someone was looking at me like i was a lunatic.) 

Kareem Abdul Jabbar had a signing of a new book at BEA and I needed to take a photo of me, meeting the legendary center. Even sitting down, he’s pretty tall.

Over the weekend, I went down to visit a friend in South Jersey. At the time, we were either on the way to meet some of her friends for dinner at a little Italian place next door to her friends – or we were on our way down to Atlantic City for an impromptu trip. 

So my friend and i wound up meeting her friends and their friends at Bally’s, where we started off the night. We were there for a bit drinking incredibly cheap beer – $2 and $3 dollar beers (really cheap, nasty shit). And it allowed me an opportunity to smoke a cigar, bullshit with a group of about 6  and watch a cheesy revue of dancers in super short shorts and cowboy boots. 

We eventually left and took a walk down the Boardwalk, which allowed me to finish my cigar. And from there, there was a brief stop at the Irish Pub near the Boardwalk for a couple of pints of Guinness, which made me feel so much better after drinking a couple of watery Dos Equis. My friend got a text from her friends who were over at Pro Bar at the Resorts. The bar is actually, the first and only gay bar in the area and it was pretty packed for a small bar. 

Here is a view of Downtown Atlantic City from an extremely windy 13th Floor balcony of the Resorts. I briefly felt as though we were all going to get blown away – and that I should have stopped by my friend’s place to change into some warmer clothes. Seriously, it was fucking cold up there! 

A small portion of our crew with some people they had just met. 

This picture was a happy accident. I was trying to take a photo of the sun-rising over the New Jersey Turnpike but the shutter speed was way too slow and created this weird effect – it struck me as pretty cool. 

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