Untitled 7/31/13

As i’ve mentioned countless times through this site, this summer has been exceptionally busy, but memorable in it’s own right. Naturally, as i’ve been covering a lot of shows it means that I’ve been frantically editing photos as often as humanly possible which is practically every single day at this point – and i’m almost close to catching up for now, at least. 

I was on my way to meet my buddy Abdul before the Honky, Baroness, and the Melvins show at the House of Vans at the end of July when i came across this van on Greenpoint Avenue between Manhattan Avenue and Franklin Avenue in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. 

I thought this graffiti was some of the coolest work i’ve seen in some time. 

For these photos and the rest of the photos of this project, check out the Flickr set here: