If you’ve been frequenting JOVM since the very beginning you may remember that i also had a lengthy photo project called “The Black and White Project,” in which I took at least one picture every single day, over the course of 487 days – with one important caveat, that unless the picture specifically called for it, the picture had to be in black and white. And as you can imagine such endeavors can be as equally exhausting as they are inspiring but I’ve continued off an on with a random photo project of things that just capture my eye during the course of my commuting across town. It’s been a bit more infrequent over the past year but hopefully I can continue it well into the future …

Before stopping at Brooklyn Bowl to catch Ikebe Shakedown and Seun Kuti, my friend and I had stopped for some food at the Tacos Morelos truck on the corner of North 7th Street and Bedford Avenue, by the strangely obnoxious Dunkin Donuts, when I came across a mural that instantly caught my eye as it featured weird, cartoon-like characters drinking coffee and chilling in a cafe. 

This guy seems to really be enjoying his coffee. 

I somehow like how this particular guy seems to have gold teeth. 

For these photos and the rest of the photos of the project so far, check out the Flickr set here: