Useless Eaters’ Seth Sutton was friends with the late Jay Reatard during the last two years of Reatard’s life, and Sutton learned a key lesson – that life is short and that the artist should make every attempt to be as creative as humanly possible. With that in mind Sutton has performed with two side projects, Vile Nation and Feral Beat while recording as many things as he could under the moniker Useless Easters as possible. Useless Eaters will be releasing a new full-length effort, Hypertension through Jeffery Drag Records on February 19th. 

“Black Night Ultraviolet” is the first single from the new album, and it has a drugged out, fucked up feel with a glam punk attitude – it sounds as though it could have been a Marc Bolan song, if he had done quaaludes or Xanax. I love the hook, “Give me a taste of your honey,” which sounds like a nasty come on.