With the release of her Contra, Swedish singer/songwriter and cellist Cajsa Siik received received both national and international attention for the likes of Sweden’s P3, Britain’s Amazing Radio, Insomnia Radio, Noisey, NME, BBC Radio 6 an others. 

And over the past year or so, the Swedish pop artist has received quite a bit of attention both on this site and across the blogosphere for a number of singles that have expanded upon the sound that has won her attention, while revealing that Siik is one of Sweden’s up-and-coming vocalists. It shouldn’t be surprising that her work has been compared to fellow contemporary pop artists (and Scandinavians) Lyyke Li and Robyn. 

Siik’s latest single “Change of Heart” is for most of its 3 minute run time, an extremely minimalist song comprised of skittering guitar chords, subtly and subtly skittering percussion gives room for Siik’s ethereal vocals to float effortlessly through the mix, giving the song a very breezy feel but at the core of the song is a cautious hopefulness mixed with a world wariness – the sort of feelings that would come about after one’s been burned and yet wants to move on. 

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