YACHT has developed a reputation for material being extremely ironic and strange – in some way, it bears a passing resemblance to DEVO. I caught them during the DFA Records 12th Anniversary Event at the Grand Prospect Hall a few months ago, and they’re pretty fucking incredible – worthy enough for me to recommend that you should catch them at Music Hall of Williamsburg on August 30th. (I also understand that they’re developing a tragicomedy series about an opening band titled Support for Amazon.) 

The band released a mixtape, Dr. MDMA, M.D., enlisting the assistance of Eric Andre and it’s an incredible mix tape full of club bangers that should get you off your ass and dancing. The entire mix tape is designed to sound as though it were part of a radio broadcast – albeit one that you probably would have caught while playing Grand Theft Auto. It manages to be insanely funny and offer some incisive social commentary.