Young Magic’s sophomore effort Breathing Statues was released last month through Carpark RecordsComprised of the Indonesian vocalist Melati Malay and Austrian producer Isaac Emmanuel, the New York-based band recorded and pieced together Breathing Statues’s material while on tour, recording material during stops in Morocco, France, the Czech Republic, Australia, Iceland and their home studio here in NYC. And those experiences has influenced the new effort as the material contains surreal lyrics and hauntingly spectral harmonies, backed by somewhat sparse, beats reminiscent of Portishead, Braids, and others on the album’s first single “Fall In,” but with a alien feel while evoking a claustrophobic and uneasy anxiousness that is quite fitting for our seemingly doom and dread-inspired times. 

Teebs remixed “Fall In” and gave it a hazy feel, which crate the sense of Melati Malay’s vocals seem to peaking through the haze, further emphasizing the original song’s ethereal, otherworldly feel.