2011 saw the release of the Montreal-based act BRAIDS’ critically praised debut, Native Speaker. After 18 months of touring to support their debut and the departure of a band member, the remaining members of the band secluded themselves in a Montreal studio to write and record new material. Whereas Native Speaker was conceived in an organic, live environment, the remaining members of BRAIDS sought a more introspective, electronic approach. 

Arbutus Records will be releasing, the In Kind/Amends 7" on June 11th, and it’ll include two exclusive B sides. And I think that this release will serve as a teaser for the band’s sophomore release, which is slated to for aFall release 

“Amends” strikes me a s serious headphone song – although it has big, beats it has an icily minimalist feel that’s eerie and yet it possesses a shimmering quality.