2Square and Antipop of French electronica act Telepopmusik, along with vocalist Angela McCluskey released their debut effort, Genetic World over a decade ago – at the height of the French downtempo electronica movement, which included acts such as Air, Les Rythmes Digitales and others. In fact, “Breathe” was a Grammy nominated track. 

However, it’s been quite some time since Telepopmusik released anything; but they’ve been holed up in the studio over the past 18 months working on and putting the finishing touches on the act’s third full-length album, an album which is slated for release later this year. in the meantime, the duo recently put out the first release from the album – a 2 song EP remix bundle Fever/Try Me Anyway. The EP will include remixes from Dirty ChannelsZombie Disco SquadPopulettePit Spector and Pino Rastovitch. 

Featuring Betty Black, a.k.a. Sylvia Gordon of KUDU, “Try Me Anyway” employs a dark, pulsating industrial beat with eerily plinking keyboards. Black/Gordon coos the song’s lyrics with a seductive, come-hither feel. Like the video, the song is the sort of song that should be played late night in a club as it talks about obsession and lust. There’s an urgent, plaintive human need at the heart of the song that’s irresistible.