5Pianist/singer/songwriter Sara Jackson-Holman’s sophomore effort, Cardiology comes from a very personal place – she wrote the songs in a variety of ways and she then producing almost final versions of the songs that wound up on Cardiology before heading to the studio for the finishing touches. During that period – a period that went on for seven months – Jackson’s beloved grandfather died. In pre-release interviews, Jackson discusses the fact that not only was she very close with her grandfather but that he was someone who was unconditionally supportive of her and her work. 

Full of grief, Holman wrote several songs dedicated to her grandfather and those songs wound up on her newest effort. “Come By Fire,” is one of those songs, and although it has a very sparse arrangement of just piano and vocals, it has a haunting beauty. And interestingly, her voice reminds me quite a bit of the late Amy Winehouse – complete with the same profoundly weary sadness.