After Louis XIV’s last world tour, the band’s frontman and producer, Jason Hill covered an isolated, 100 year old house in the Hollywood Hills into a recording studio, he called Ulysses. Brimming with instruments and recording equipment – including old tape machines, and plate reverbs, Hill began writing songs. And like a lot of musicians, Hill began inviting several musician friends including Dominic Howard, drummer for Muse; Mark Stoermer, bassist for the Killers; Nick Ffye, bassist for Jamiroquai; Dave Illitch, drummer for the Mars Volta; Jeff Kite, keyboardist for Julian Casablancas and Beat Club; and even David Johanssen of New York Dolls fame. And the result would up becoming The Synthetic Love of Emotional Engineering, the debut from a new band, Vicky Cryer

Album title track, “The Synthetic Love of Emotional Engineering” is one of the early singles from the album, and the song itself is icily sparse and yet seductive. (In some way, it reminds me of Prince. I don’t know why but it just does.)

The band recently released the official video for “The Synthetic Love of Emotional Engineering” and it’s a gorgeously shot video – all of the action of the video is shot underwater. Much like the song it’s quietly seductive and psychedelic.