After releasing four critically acclaimed albums and a dozen well-received singles in her native Sweden, singer/songwriter Elin Ruth picked up and moved to the States last year. And in some way, her move across the Atlantic shouldn’t be surprising – growing up in Monsteras, her father played a lot of American folk and rock music. And typical for most songwriters, their earliest influences find a way to inform their work. Her Stateside debut EP, Bang was released earlier this week and the album has elements of old school soul and R&B, country and old school pop. “Bang,” is the first single from the EP, and sonically it will draw some obvious comparisons to Adele and Amy Winehouse. But in some way, I hear more Dusty Springfield. In other words, for me Ruth sounds as though she’s singing directly to me and only me. 

What I will say is that Ruth has a a beautiful voice – the sort of voice that you would have heard on old soul records back in 1966. Quite simply put: it’s a great song. And after listening to it, it brings to light the sad fact that pop songs these days generally aren’t as well crafted as they used to be. 

Ruth has an upcoming set at the Living Room on December 6th, and you should expect a self-titled full-length  American debut on January 29th.