After the release of his debut effort, Talent the Texan transplant John Pena – a.k.a. Heavenly Beat – shelved an album’s worth of material because he felt that the songs simply weren’t sonically or emotionally interesting enough. 

Earlier this year, Pena recorded new material in the same apartment set up as Talent; however unlike his debut, the new album, Prominence has been informed by Primitive Radio Gods’ Standing Outside A Broken Telephone Booth With Money In My Hand and with that recording in mind, Pena decided to use sampled and looped drum breaks, non-laptop based instrumentation in the form of piano, mellotron, classical guitar and steel drums. When you hear the album’s second single. “Honest” it sounds warmly familiar – as though it could have been released around 1983 while also being remarkably fresh and breezy. 

Lyrically, the track is a bit of self-flagellation as the narrator of the song meditates on infidelity, as he tries to sort out whether he should be honest to himself and end a relationship or continuing to be untrue to a partner to keep the relationship, and not hurt his partner. It adds a cutting bitterness to the breeziness of the song.