Ages, the debut full-length from the Auckland, New Zealand-based quartet Ghost Wave will see an August 27th release through Flying Nun Records. Coincidentally, Ghost Wave’s debut effort will also serve as the first release from Flying Nun that employs their partnership with Captured Tracks – it’s an interesting partnership that has Captured Tracks manufacturing and distributing the New Zealand-based label’s extensive backlist of titles. In any case, “Country Rider” is the latest single and it manages to have a bit of that 60s British garage band sound but filtered through 80s New Wave – thanks in part to the jangling guitars and odd angles. 

When you hear the band play, it’s obvious that they have a cool self-assuredness on a track that’s unexpectedly breezy and feels like a bunch of guys jamming at home. 

The band will be back in the States during October for CMJ and the Culture Collide Festival out in Los Angeles, and I suspect that you’ll be hearing a lot about them across the blogosphere.