Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore were childhood friends who lost touch and later re-discovered each other and decided to make music together as Touche. Individually, the members of Touche have played with Beck, Obi Best, the Bird and the Bee, Thurston Moore, Nick Lowe and Twin Shadow. Together their material with dreamy boy-girl harmonies, disco and early electronica synth, sinuous guitar and bass lines should sound both familiar and kind of different – their lyrical concerns a more political and explore themes of lust, obsession, fate and the struggle for control. (It shares some hinting similarities to Kraftwerk, New Order, and MEN.

The video for “I’m a Man Not a Machine” just came out recently on Under the Radar, and it’s worth checking out, as it’s brings back memories of 80s videos. The single will officially drop on October 30th and will include a remix of the song by Twin Shadow’s Wynne Bennett.