Alex Zhang Hungtai, writes, records and performs as Dirty Beaches. Originally, the project started as a solo project when he was based out of Montreal back in 2005. Throughout his catalog, Hungtai has developed a reputation for genre-hopping and genre-mashing; he’s perhaps most famously known in certain circles for dissecting popular American music such as the blues, R&B and hip hop to the point that they sound unrecognizable. 

Hungtai’s latest release, a double LP, Drifters/Love Is The Devil is influenced by and chronicles his life over the past two years he’s spent on the road – and it’s meant to capture a disorientating sense of heartbreak, rebirth, masochistic and existential self reflection, mixed with hedonistic temptation. Each album of the two LP release are different and yet thematically related, creating a sense of dichotomy. 

The official video for “Casino Lisboa” was recently released and the video, much like the song captures a sweaty, decadent, sinful hedonism under the hot and bright blaze of neon. For all of you late night souls, you’ll be familiar with the temptations seen in the video – sex, drugs, parties, endless possibilities for creativity and danger.  Sonically, the song has an urgent, pulsating, tribal stop that’s behind an ominous murkiness. In some way it reminds me of Sub Pop Records’ latest signing Daughn Gibson’s work but more darkly seductive.