Although now currently based in Los Angeles, CA indie rock band Green Gerry originally started as the solo recording project of Gerry Green, when he was in Athens, GA. Green’s debut effort, Odd Tymes which was released in 2010 revealed showcased Green as an up-and-coming singer/songwriter who had an impressive array of material that ran the gamut from indie folk, psychedelia, lo-fi and even straight forward pop. Green recruited friends to flesh out the project’s sound in 2013 and the project has been a full-fledged band since. 

With the release of King Baby, Green’s songwriting and sound explored the last 50 years of music, revealing influences such as Bob Dylan, Scott Walker (who’s truly under appreciated), My Bloody Valentine and Broadcast. “La La Lonely Maria,” which was probably one of more pop-friendly and accessible songs caught the attention of the folks at Mom and Pop Records, and they contact Green and his band, and asked them if they would be willing to re-record the single in a proper studio. And the result is this version of “La La Lonely Maria." 

The song is a percussive and trippy bit of psychedelic pop, which sounds as though it owes a great debt to the likes of the Talking Heads and others but with an incredibly catchy hook. In some way, the track is ethereal and yet leaves a lingering presence. 

The official video is strikingly surreal and fits the song perfectly.