Although they’re now based in Los Angeles, the Stewart brothers – Sam and Django – grew up in the UK and pursued different musical paths as Sam was in Blondelle and Django was with Midnight Squires. And interestingly, both Sam and Django hadn’t thought much about doing anything musically together until Sam called Django to join in on a songwriting session a few years ago, and they were both so pleased with the results that they needed to do something together. 

Named after an Anthony Harwood song, Nightmare and the Cat quickly became a quintet once  the Stewart brothers recruited multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Claire Acey (who happens to be Sam’s girlfriend); Spike Phillips, the drummer in Midnight Spires; and Scott Henson, who was also in Midnight Spires on bass and replaced original member Julie Mitchell, after her relocation to Chicago

And as you’ll hear on “Undercover,” the first single off their forthcoming debut full-length Simple (slated for a July 8 release through Capitol Records), the band has a rather diverse array of influences, although you’ll hear quite a bit of Jeff Buckley and a little bit of old school 60s soul, thanks to the song’s use of melody and harmony. Of course, in some way I’m also reminded of the Veils – in the sense that the song feels crafted without removing the song’s heart; after all, at the end of the day, the song is a love song.