Although they’ve had a constantly shifting lineup, the one constant in Reigning Sound since it’s formation in 2001 has been Greg Cartwright, the band’s founder and primary creative force. On Shattered, Cartwright teams up with longtime keyboardist Dave Amels, who has been with the band for the past 7 years, and Amels’s bandmates in the Brooklyn-based soul group the Jay Vons, Mike Catanese, Benny Trokan and Mikey Post. 

Cartwright with this current lineup has managed to craft a bluesy, jangling, old school rock sound reminiscent of late 60s and early 70s Rolling Stones as you’ll hear on “My My,” the first single from their sixth full-length album, slated for a July 15 release. “Don’t you know, I don’t claim to be lucky in love/but that won’t stop me from loving’ and rollin’ the dice,” Cartwright sings in the song’s opening line, and it gets at something that most, if not all of us, know and have experienced – having the courage to get back out there after getting your heart broken, and doing it all over again. 

You can probably picture yourself much like the song’s narrator – picking up their date and the excitement of taking them down to rock ‘n’ roll show and the hopes that maybe this time, you can get it right. How familiar that has been for me and perhaps for you, too.