AM and Shawn Lee’s sophomore effort together, La Musique Numerique, cemented the duo’s reputation for having a production style that meshes digital and analog recording techniques and a sound that manages to be sunny, ethereal while playfully and adeptly blurring the lines between genres such as funk, dubstep, reggae, disco, soul and rock – and it’s done in a way that makes the material sound as though it could have been released in 1983, 2013 or 2043. Although somewhat futuristic, the material on the album is breezy and perfect for hanging around on a summer day; in fact, I was at a friend’s house party and was informally the party’s DJ, and when I started playing songs off the album, several people were like “who’s that? That’s prefect for today!" 

"Come Back to Me,” the latest single off the album is a sweet, plaintive love song in which the narrator mourns the loss of his love and begs for their return. As the duo is about to embark on a fall tour, they recently released the official video for the single, and it’s an adorable video that deals with space travel, falling in love, losing that love and desperately searching the known universe for it. It’s so adorable that you probably can’t help by smile over it.