New Audio: Vacances Earnest and Anthemic New Single

Initially known for his work in the Frail, Danny Lannon’s latest project Vacances can trace their origins when Lannon had begun writing material for The Frail and quickly realized that the material didn’t quite fit. Lannon began collaborating with Allen Davis on some additional material and then decided that to relocate from San Francisco to New York — and when Lannon arrived in Brooklyn, he connected with Nic Gonzalez (guitar), who was a member of The Restless Hearts; Dan Bindschedler (bass), who played in Robin Bacior; and Chris Heinz, who was member of renowned New York-based act Walking Shapes. Building on the buzz of their debut show at Bowery Ballroom earlier this year, the new quartet released a single “Runaway,” earlier this year and announced the forthcoming release of an EP this summer.

“Only You,” the quartet’s latest single pairs Lannon’s urgent and plaintive vocals with surfer rock-inspired guitar chords, propulsive drumming and percussion, layers of harmony, undulating synths and an anthemic hook and while meshing 80s-inspired New Wave with surfer rock in a similar fashion to Painted Palms and also drawing from 80s  U2. Sonically and lyrically speaking, it’s the sort of upbeat and earnest song that you can dance to — while making a large, dramatic gesture towards a lover; however, the song to me possesses a bittersweet undertone, as on a certain level there’s a sense of the narrator reaching for something and someone he can’t possibly have again.