Andre Mistier, the creative mastermind of electro pop act, The Adversary has had an unconventional career trajectory – although he has a foundation in theater, he’s been experimenting with forms of electronic-based rock since 2004 with his first band ism. By 2008, Mistier was focusing on film soundtracks and as a result, that experience profoundly influenced his latest project, The Adversary. 

Working with Bill Laswell, who has worked with Blur, DJ Spooky and Pet Shop Boys; and beatmaker Q of XOQ, who has worked with the legendary Afrika Bambaataa, the sound they’ve crafted on “Ritual Dream” is a slickly produced electro pop that bears a resemblance to Tom Vek – Misiter’s vocals manage to sound as cooly ironic as Vek’s. and yet, the lyrics manage to evoke a wistfulness that belies the material’s danceable nature.