As a blogger and as an obsessive music fan, it’s pretty easy to become a fan of particular labels at a given time. In fact, I’ve written about how much of a fan of labels such as Stones Throw Records, G.E.D Soul Records – and lately I’ve become quite a fan of Cascine Records as they’ve quickly developed a reputation for signing and releasing work from artists who specialize in a very particular sound: a slickly produced synth pop that owes a great debt to 80s R&B and 80s pop with a contemporary twist. Cascine Records’s most recent signing, Brett continue the label’s reputation for sugary pop confections when they released “Golden,” a track that was somewhat reminiscent of very early Depeche Mode, and of the Pet Shop Boys — but as though they were covered by St. Lucia. 

Mark E.  recently released a his remix of Brett’s “Golden” and retrains the high-powered drum machine programming but his remix is much more percussive and adds a slight cosmic glow to the song, which evokes the sense of the song slowly undulating towards the listener with a deceptive simplicity – all while retaining the song’s essence.