As a blogger, I receive a ton of emails from PR folks, labels and even artists themselves. Professionally, it’s almost expected for us to be – well, jaded. But occasionally, you get an email and just by the description of the artist’s work or their name, you realize that you have to check it out. So when I came across an email with an attached track by one Ralph “Soul” Jackson of Phenix City, AL, I had to check it out. The guy’s nickname is “Soul,” and that has to mean the guy is incredible. 

The brother has been a performer for over 50 years and had developed a reputation for being both a regional and local star. His long overdue national (and hopefully international) debut The Alabama Love Man recently dropped. This is an old track, originally recorded on a 45 but check out “Let Your Sweet Love Surround Me.” It should bring to mind Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson and the other great soul singers.