As a girl, Arum Rae’s family moved often, and at every new school she attended, she found shelter and a sense of belonging in music programs. While she was attending her third high school, her choir teacher heard her sing and believed in her potential, and helped her land a scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston

During her last semester at Berklee, Arum Rae started to write original music and taught herself the guitar so that she wouldn’t have to be dependent on anyone, and to allow herself to find her own musical voice. 

While in Austin, TX she had performed under the moniker of White Dress but after relocating to Brooklyn and meeting producer Sanford Livingston, she decided that it’d be best to go with her own name. And the sound they’ve crafted, as you’ll hear on “2001,” the first single off her forthcoming Warranted Queen EP, is a slickly produced, futuristic soul that bears a passing similarity to Beacon, Steven A. Clark and others. We’re talking about big throbbing beats and swirling electronics and synths, which evoke a chilly sense of anxiousness and regret – and it manages to suit Arum Rae’s soulful vocals and lyrics that describe profound heartache. 

From the release of this single, I can guarantee that you’ve rarely heard a track that sounds exactly like this – i know I haven’t.