As a music fan, and as a music blogger, I have to admit that there are several labels that I’m a fan of – and in particular, i’ve lately been a big fan of Cascine Records. In fact, their roster of artists have helped the label to quickly develop a reputation for being the home of slickly produced, lushly layered, funky synth pop. And although their artists use contemporary production techniques, most of their artists have a sound that’s reminiscent of 80s R&B, synth pop and house music – depending on the artists. Jensen Sportag’s earliest single “Bellz” owed a debt to house music; whereas “Under the Rose” had a more straightforward pop and R&B sound. And their latest single “One Lane Lovers,” continues with a fairly straightforward R&B and pop sound but the song is perhaps the funkiest song they’ve released to date, as well as one of their more seductive songs. Additionally, the song is a technical marvel, thanks to it’s slick production values. Listen to it on a good set of headphones and you’ll know what I mean.