As is the case with countless bands whether internationally, nationally or locally known, lineup changes are par for the course, as members drop out over financial pressures, familial pressures or to move on to other creative pursuits. In the case of Cascine Records’ act Keep Shelly in Athens, their longtime lead singer Sarah P. recently announced her departure from the band this weekend, and in a bit of a loving homage to her time with the band, the band released their last single with her on vocals, “Old Time Glory." 

And the track is reminiscent of the cinematic-sounding synth pop of the early 80s; in fact, this track sounds as though it could have easily been on the soundtrack of half a dozen cult-favorite movies of the 80s. That is in part to the staccato synth chords, the rapid-fire drum machine drumming and Sarah P’s plaintive vocals. (But in some small way, the track is also reminiscent of CHVRCHES, too.)